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Local Leaders at
Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale (UUCFL)

Annette Vafa         Betty Brantley         Betty Highton         Bill Cox         Cam Enright         Colette Saucier         Dave Armstrong        
Dave Griswold
Alexis Blasenheim
Dorothy Muise
Douglas Paul
Rev. Gail Tapscott
Gary Ladka
Judy King
Judy Knopp

Ken Beier
Kevin Oscar
UUCFL Congregation

     Minister - Rev. Gail Tapscott
             Church Administrator - .
             Choir Director - Susan Dirgins-Friend
             Director of Music - Dorothy "Dot" Muise
             Director of Religious Education - Susan Dirgins-Friend
                 Teacher - Alexis Blasenheim
                 Teacher - Dave Griswold
                 Teacher - Gary Ladka
                 Teacher - Laura Lange
                 Teacher - Valerie Heller

     Board of Trustees
         President Gary Ladka (2015)
         Vice President Valerie Heller (2015)
         Treasurer Donna Gutierrez (2016)
         Secretary Larry Wilkner (2015)
         Member - Bill Schoolman (2015)
         Member - Kathy Ervolina (2016)
         Member - Molly St. Cavish (2016)
         Member - Lore Bernier (2015)
         President-Elect - David Griswold  (2015)
         Past President - Victor Garlock (2015)

     Standing Committees
         Building & Grounds Mark Woodpecker
         Bylaws Myra Symons
         Caring Douglas Paul
              Monica Pavlik, President (2015)
              Doug Friend, Treasurer (2016)
              Vernon Allen, Secretary (2015 )
              Steve Lange (2015)
              Guy Jeanty (2015)
         Finance Mara Newman
         Human Resources Mara Newman
         Labyrinth Cafe Susan Moss
         Membership Myra Symons
         Ministry David Griswold
                         Monica Pavlik
                         Betty Highton
         Nominating Jane Galloway
                              Tom Karneth
                              Debbie Rivera
         Religious Education Laura Lange
         Stewardship Judy Knopp
         Sunday Services Opal Murray
                                      Jim Giblin
         Ways and Means Annemarie Jameson

         BOLD Justice - Vanessa Gilyard
                                  Lore Bernier
         Book Club - Molly St Cavish
         Building Usage - Rev Gail Tapscott
         Choir - Susan Dirgins-Friend
         UU Christian Fellowship -
         Cooperative Feeding Program - Susan Dirgins-Friend
         Coalition to End Homelessness - Nicole Shulman
         Covenant Groups -
         CUUPS - Kip Barkley
         Empty Bowls Project - Colette Saucier
         Green Sanctuary -
         Humanists -
         Interweave - Nicole Rivera
         Labyrinth Café - Susan Moss
         Library - Joe De Angelis
         Music - Dorothy "Dot" Muise
         Newsletter (cUUrious cUUrier) - Gary Ladka
         Newsletter (Journey) - Gary Ladka
         SE Fla UU Cluster - Kip Barkley
         S Fla Interfaith Worker Justice - Rev Gail Tapscott
         Social Action - Lore Bernier
         UU Service Committee NoraLee Traylor
         UU Sisterhood - Annette Vafa
         Website - Kip Barkley
         Young Religious UUs - Gary Ladka

     Occasional Guest Ministers
         Rev Kathy Bishop
         Rev Dr Robert P. Tucker
         Rev Ren Bell
         Rev Amy Carol Webb

Kip Barkley
Laura Lange
Tom Karneth
Mara Newman
Mark Woodpecker
Larry Wilkner

Molly Lesnick
Myra Symons-Kazanci
Nicole Shulman
NoraLee Traylor
Steve Lange         Susan Dirgins-Friend         Susan Moss         Valerie Heller         Vanessa Gilyard         Vernon Allen         Virginia Anderson

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2014


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