Join the History Club Second Sundays at 9:30am

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

The History Club will center on issues of common interest.
It will be a round table discussion of issues central to an understanding of history, philosophy and wise living. Lead by Robert Wilkner, members will introduce subjects for discussion, review historic readings and then discuss ideas. We will meet Second Sundays at 9:30am Robert Wilkner's Background

I look forward to an enjoyable history book club at UUCFL. I am presently  “employed”as a pro bono tutor at the cafe of a local book store. Had the opportunity of teaching  Advanced Placement United States History at a local  high school and Twentieth  Century History at Broward College. I’ve often succeeded in making history interesting  for both high school  and  college students. I majored  in history  at Florida State University (BA) and Florida Atlantic University (MA). You may know my son Larry who is also a member of the congregation.

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