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Our Kids are Awesome and Check Out Our Pumpkins!

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Our kids created the centerpiece of our RE bulletin board in the RE hallway. I hope

that you will check it out. Yes, we only have four continents, but we will get the rest on

there at some point. Those handprints are theirs, and it was their idea to put the fingers

on the planet like they were holding it. We are going to talk about peace, about justice,

and do activities that will make it fun, and hopefully, more meaningful. We had our annual Pumpkin Carving Fun on the Sunday before Halloween. We carved pumpkins and enjoy each other’s company. Some of our adult congregants also joined in this fall favorite gathering. Check out our creative talents!

Love and blessings, DRE Susan

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Leslie P
Leslie P
29 may 2022

Appreciaate your blog post

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