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Take Down Racist Street Names in Hollywood, FL


After the massacre at Mother Bethel in South Carolina in June 2015, The Black Lives Matter Alliance of Broward and Miami Dade Green Parties launched a campaign to change street signs named after Confederate Generals in Hollywood FL. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a confederate general most noted for his brutal war crimes and as a founding member of the KKK.  Robert E. Lee and Jonathan Hood were traitors who deserted the U. S. Army to fight for profit in the rebel army during the Civil War.  All supported and profited from slavery. 

These streets run through the heart of the African American community in Hollywood.  The names were changed only after the Civil Rights movement got into full swing and began to look like it might succeed. 

Please add your name to the petition to the Hollywood Commission to change these street names.  Forrest, Lee and Hood represent a brutal system of oppression, slaughter and enslavement.
City officials must put an end to this bigotry. 

Please add your name to the petition
Click Here for the Petition at


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