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Committees at UUCFL 

If you are interested in getting involved in any part of UUCFL this is the night to be there.
We discuss plans and share the ideas with the board and any other committees may be involved 


A standing committee is long-lasting, has a congregation member as its chairperson, and meets with some regularity.
It deals with some aspect of leadership or physical, spiritual, personal, philanthropic, and financial health of the congregation. The minister and at least one member of the Board of Trustees act as liaisons between the committees and the Board.

Building & Grounds

Cleans, maintains, and improves landscaping, building interior and exterior.  Workdays are Every Second Saturday 10am-1pm



Proposes amendments to our bylaws as our situation changes and advises the President and Board when specific bylaws apply to our actions.


Contacts congregation members and friends who have been missing from events and those who may need a little assistance or tender loving care.


Manages, oversees, and develops the endowment fund consisting of monetary and real gifts and bequests using Charter, Endowment Funds, Endowment Fund Policies, and Investment Philosophy. Members are elected and appointed


Handles financial matters of the congregation, monitors expenses, and assembles the annual budget.

Green Sanctuary

Green Sanctuary Committee reviews our congregation operations and keeps us environmentally friendly, both inside and outside our building.

Human Resources

Handles professional matters with paid staff and other employees.

Long Range Planning

Determines the vision and mission statements for the congregation and the growth, organizational, spiritual, and financial goals of the congregation.


Attracts, welcomes, and meets the needs of visitors, friends, and members; organizes social events including coffee hour; grows our congregation. 


Provides support to the minister and communicates sensitive learning opportunities and directional possibilities between the congregation and the minister.


Recommends candidates as officers and members of the Board of Trustees and the Endowment Board.

Religious Education

Plans, provides, and coordinates classes for youths, teens, and adults based on the UU Principles and Sources.

Social Justice

Organizes Social Justice Events and Actions both within the congregation and community and national organizations.


Obtains from members and friends of the congregation their promises of the four Ps (presence, participation, practice, and pledges -- formerly the three Ts -- time, talent, and treasure). 

Sunday Services

Works with the minister, music and choir directors to schedule Sunday services, provides Sunday services when our minister is away, and gives feedback on services.

Meets 3rd Monday of every month. 

UU Service Committee

Coordinates local and national UU Service Committee efforts in the areas of rights in humanitarian crises, civil liberties, economic justice, and environmental justice.

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