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Sundays at UUCFL


Sunday Services take place every Sunday morning at 11:00am.
Currently services are being held live in the building and online via Zoom

Each Sunday you will find a different experience as the service may be on any one of many topics as we draw from many sources 
including the wisdom of the world’s religions, humanist teachings, words and deeds of prophetic men and women, spiritual teaching of earth-centered traditions, and the direct experience of transcending mystery found in all cultures.  Most of the time our service will be presented by our Minister, but other times it may be led by one of our congregant members or an outside guest presenter.  We all sing together and there is music by talented musicians in our congregation and from outside - sometimes by our choir , sharing of joys and concerns sometimes a surprise or two, and always a thought provoking message.  
We always hope each service will enrich your journey.  

Sunday Service Committee


The Sunday Services Committee meets  each month. We plan, maintain and enhance the content and quality of our Sunday Services.
First, the previous four Sunday services are reviewed at which time members share what worked and what might be lessons for improvement. Then we undertake the challenge of planning future Sunday services. We look for balance, education, a spiritual lift, and a building of community.


We as a committee work with our Minister. We coordinate with Lay Leaders of the congregation looking to present plus - visiting UU speakers and members of the greater community. Our goal is to create meaningful and inspiring services.  Lastly, we work with the volunteers to maintain a warm and welcoming sanctuary space which includes having beautiful floral or other decorative arrangements.

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