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Music at UUCFL


Music is one of the most inspirational ways we express and feel at UUCFL.  From our talented musically inclined members within our midst to the many wonderful guest artists that have graced us with their gifts, you are sure to find a moving musical experience here.

Music in Worship Service

Music plays a large part in our worship services.  In addition to our congregational hymn accompanied by our pianist or organist, you will find special guest artists performing at UUCFL in a wide variety of musical styles and instruments. Flute players, jazz bands, guitarist/vocalists, drummers, and sitar players have all appeared recently in our services.  We are blessed to have many talented musicans in our congregation and invite in others from outside.


Our Congregation has had a multi-voice choir that we will work to revive in our new space of Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses.  
Choral selections range from classical chants  to contemporary hymns to pop music and some other surprises. Sometimes one of our members will be showcased as a soloist during a service.  

Click here to see some of our past performances.

Labyrinth Cafe Concerts

Our Labyrinth Cafe Concert Series was a flagship of original artists who toured through South Florida for 18 years established by Robby Greenberg for the first three years and led by Susan Moss all the way through the 2018/2019 season.  The series is on hiatus for now.
Thanks to Robby and Susan and all of the artists who graced us
over the years

Special Events

On occasion there will be special musical presentations.  
These may be for fundraisers for the church or other worthy cause
or just for a fantastic celebration


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