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Our celebration of diversity is reflected in the variety of our Sunday services.
We hope our services enrich your journey.

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August 1
“Seeing As a Child”
by the Rev. Susan M. Smith.

In August, we reconnect with our 4th UU Principle:
A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.
At UUCFL, we are in the midst of momentous decision making about our future which is demanding that we as individuals consider
deeply what has meaning for us. We will begin with the wisdom and the foundational naiveté of children as spiritual people and particularly with insights from the religious educators Maria Montessori and James Fowler.

August 8
“Seeing Through a Glass Darkly” by the Rev. Susan M. Smith.

As we continue to explore our 4th Principle and our own
individual and communal “free and responsible search for
truth and meaning,” we will consider what we cannot know.
Sometimes what we cannot know can paralyze us, but a bit of humility about not knowing can also empower action.

August 15
“Seeing Face to Face”
by the Rev. Susan M. Smith.

To be on a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning”
does not mean that we are always only searching.
Sometimes we are finding or inheriting truth and creating meaning. How do we share it? How do we receive what is shared?

August 22
“This I Believe”
by Cathy Waltz - Board Member.

For this service, we invite three of our members to share the
results of their own personal search’s for truth and meaning.
These are always richly rewarding accounts that help us know one another better. If you wish to participate in this or another
“This I Believe” service please let us Rev. Susan or Cathy know.

August 29
"The Annual David Fisher Memorial Poetry Service"
by Sandy Lange.

Each summer we share our most loved poems by our own poets and our favorites of all time. You are welcome to participate by letting Sandy know that you wish to read a selection or two.