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Children and Teens at UUCFL - A Full Faith Experience


Children do not become spiritual beings just on Sunday mornings. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe our faith should permeate our whole lives. The ways our children absorb our Principles and Purposes and our ideas are varied, but we believe there are three ways that are critical.



On Sundays, children will join their parents and the rest of our congregation in the sanctuary for the  the worship service.  We believe participating in the rituals of the service helps our kids understand the idea of sanctuary worship and ties them to the congregation.  We also plan special classes and other activities for children and teens outside of Sunday Service. 

There will be services during the year where the children will attend the complete service. Favorite services for children include our annual Ingathering Water Service in September which celebrates the special places our congregants have been over the past year and our return to the area. The Flower Communion is a special UU service in spring that celebrates loving, sharing and community.

Children of all ages enjoy our Christmas Eve service with its carols, candles and cookies. Once or twice a year, our children take center stage with their own Children’s Service, where they sing, dance, read and lead the congregation in worship.

Social Service


We encourage our children and teens to perform social service with their parents for the congregation, local and global communities.

We have done, and will do:

  • Cooperative Feeding Program/Lifenet4Families

  • Filling Empty Bowls Dinner 

  • Bold Justice 

  • Guest at Your Table 

  • Service for UUCFL - We regularly participate in greeting guests, coffee hour, building and grounds work days and other service events and activities.

Intergenerational Activities


Spending time with congregation members allows our children to enjoy the experience of being part of a large extended family. The kids gain the wisdom of their elders in fun and casual circumstances.

Some of our most popular events are:

  • Pumpkin Carving Party - Before Halloween, we carve pumpkins, do crafts, bob for apples eat and celebrate the arrival of autumn together.


  • Holiday Gathering - One Sunday afternoon in December, we make Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa decorations; decorate the hall and the tree; sing carols; eat cookies and other treats and we might get a visit from a special someone!


  • Easter Egg Hunt - Following the Easter Sunday service, our children hunt for colored eggs and candy and then join the adults for an Easter lunch and fellowship.

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