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Ex Opus: Southern Regional Arts & Science Event
Travel the Silk Road to the House of Wisdom
This Event is Complete - Watch for its return

"A caravan has come to the Southern Shires, bringing with it riches and wisdom from distant lands! We the Shires of Sangre del Sol (Broward County) and Southkeep (Miami-Dade County) entreat the Populace of Trimaris (Florida) to travel and bring with them their most prestigious artisans to Ex Opus and thus share their knowledge at the storied House of Wisdom (Broward Unitarian Church). We of the Society of Creative Anachronism  are of an organization with the mission to bring the knowledge, skills and experience of the Medieval and Renaissance  age to the modern mind, and possibly back again.  We will once again be hosting the Southern Regional Arts & Sciences Fair. The theme is "Bayt al-Hikma (House of Wisdom)" and we invite you to travel the Silk Road to Baghdad with us. Activities include a large array of classes, archery, a regional A&S competition, and a period feast featuring foods from along the Silk Road, traveling from Chang'an to Baghdad. 


Indoor and Outdoor Classes, Arts and Sciences Competition, 

‘Show Us What You Do’ Display Area, Fenced in Play Ground.


Local camping available just 6 minutes away at Easterlin Park


For detailed information please contact the
Rescrat, Lady Catalina Damiana

Flores de la Montaña at or go to:


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