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Griefwork - Healing From Loss
Support Class facilitated by Rocio Vazquez
1st and 3rd Sundays of the month @ 1:00pm 

This class guides members through stages of shock, disorganization, reorganization, and find a new normal after a loss.
Members are encouraged to deal with sorrow, express feelings, share
with peers, develop internal and external support systems, accept, adjust,
and move forward through interactive exercises and worksheets. 

Twice a month 

First and third Sunday of the month @ 1:00pm 



Rocio Vazquez Background
Rocio has been working in the community for 3 years now as a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist and Advocate for individuals who are suffering
from mental health issues and substance abuse.
After her battle with depression and anxiety she decided she wanted to
help others recover their life and self worth back after losses and trauma.  
She currently works in a Behavior Health Clinic and helps individuals in the Broward County area.


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