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Broward Interfaith Plarners
Meets at UUCFL

Open to all ages, kids must have adult

A part of our Social Justice offerings, the purpose of this group is
Crocheting Plarn Sleeping Mats for the Homeless
(You do not have to know how to crochet to participate)

Craft for Humanity – Crochet a Plarn Sleeping Mat for the Homeless 
That is creativity with a mission.  It helps the homeless as well as helping the environment by keeping hundreds of plastic bags out of landfills by repurposing them.
While the creative process may feel good to us, it can also be useful to others.

Plarn Tips and Frequently Asked Questions:

  • In case you wonder: What is plarn? Plarn is simply short for plastic yarn made from everyday plastic bags. It’s not a typo.

  • If you have thicker plastic bags, cut smaller strips.

  • You can use any kind of plastic bag, even from your dry cleaners.

  • If you want to get started, or just figure out if this project is for you (crochet plastic is not soft on hands, after all), why not make a small mat for your back door to your garden. Or a mat for by your outdoor shower?

  • If designs matter to you, then sort plastic bags right away by color.


Calling all Plarners!
There is a box in the foyer to put bags, take bags, make plarn, and then leave balls of Plarn. Please use this video link to learn make THICK plarn to be used for the mats. 
Crocheters can then take the plarn and make the mats but it will take many hands to get this done.  Thank you in advance.

Contact Kathy Mostel

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