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Big Plans for the New UUCFL Building

We are so excited about the progress being made on the designs for the buildout of the other half of our building. The drawings below show the current working plans for the future Sanctuary and Social Hall. The entry from the parking lot will see us replacing the left roll-up door that is currently there with lovely 10 foot high glass entry and doors to let a lot of light into the building and high visibility of the Social Hall as you enter. As you proceed in and go to the right, the opening to the sanctuary will have a similar look to the main entry creating a transparent view of the pulpit as you enter with seating comfortably arranged, the return of our baby grand piano and state of the art audio visual and lighting. The sanctuary will be adorned with exterior windows at 10 feet high on 3 sides (2 to each the left and right and 3 on the pulpit wall). We are currently working several ideas with designers on the ceiling and floor styles as well as other aesthetics, lighting, acoustics, and other practical needs of the space. The lower field designs are also coming along including space for parking, a pavilion, our Memorial Wall/Garden to accompany our prized oak tree. Be sure to look for more updates as they come along.

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