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Board of Trustees Update

Hello everyone, As we continue operating remotely, we are gearing up for a soft return to the building for services, while still maintaining the ability for members and friends to join us online with an even more enhanced experience coming your way. Thanks to our own Richard Wrencall (aka Wren), we are upgrading the broadcasting technology at the building to bring services live from there with improved sound and integrated camera and presentation capabilities. Rev Susan and others will be delivering services from the back patio to start with social distancing of the attendees. Please watch for announcements regarding the hybrid live/remote services coming soon. Also we will have been working on a few surprises for you as folks start to return in person, and we are sure they will be a hit. In the interim the Board has been meeting and tending to the needs of the congregation. Steve Holtz has been President for the past year and a half and has decided to move on in a different form of service to the congregation which we will be announcing shortly. We thank Steve for his calm presence and insightful leadership. To fill the term until May 2021, I as Vice President have been appointed by the Board to fill the President position, and Donna Gutierrez has been appointed Vice President. To fill Donna's Trustee position, we are thrilled to welcome Suzette Kehrer (many of you know her as Otsana). We know she will bring some new vision to our group.

As we are away from the building, expenses continue as normal. Please keep up with your pledge as you are able by either sending your checks to the building or by visiting the PayPal link on the website. We have also unfortunately been struck by problems with the main Air Conditioning in the sanctuary. The piping that joins the outside unit and airhandler has a leak that is unreachable underneath the building. This is the original piping from when the building was first built. This piping will need to be replaced and reconfigured and will be a considerable expense. If you are able to contribute additionally to help with this unforeseen expense it would be gratefully appreciated. Please notate any such contributions as "A/C Repair." Thanks so much to everyone and we look forward to seeing you soon back at home base or online. Gary Ladka President - UUCFL

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