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BOLD Gets Bolder!

It’s time to ramp up our efforts to maximize the turnout for the Nehemiah Action Assembly.

First, every BOLD Justice supporter should attend the

Sunday Service on February 3rd.

Paige Shortsleeves, the new Associate Organizer at BOLD Justice, will be our guest speaker. Paige will talk about the philosophy behind community organizing as a form of nonviolent social action.

Then be sure to make it to the BOLD Justice Network Meeting on

Sunday, February 17, 2019 - 1:00pm

at UUCFL in the classroom.

{There’s no interest in a Thursday night meeting so we cancelled it.}

We’ll get progress reports on the implementation of promises made to BOLD Justice last year as well as information about the direction we’re taking on this year’s issue. You’ll also get a lot of help with your recruitment efforts for the Nehemiah Action.

Don’t forget Nehemiah Action itself is now scheduled for

Monday, April 8th.

So save the dates, mark your calendars and get ready to

Stand Bold - for Justice!

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