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Building & Grounds is 4U2!!

Greetings from the Building and Grounds Committee. As you can imagine it takes a lot to keep our building and grounds up. There are some little tasks around the place that if we can get them done, make such a noticeable difference to us and to visitors and guests when they come here and get their first impressions and we really can use everyone's help. We are changing the hours of B&G Workday to be second Saturday of each month from 10:00am - 1:00pm. Please come for any length of time in that window to take care of a small project inside or out. If you see something special that you would like to take on, let us know or we will give you some choices. For those who like to be here earlier, please check with us to make sure you will have access to the building. It is fun to spend time with fellow members and friends in making our space as beautiful as we can together. Please do come and help. Contact Doug Friend or Gary Ladka for more information. You will also be seeing some more changes around the place in the way of bigger projects. If you have been in lately you may have noticed our new Information Monitor in the lobby that scrolls the latest upcoming and ongoing events to keep everyone more aware of things going on. The Peace Garden has seen some recent upgrades thanks to Janine Griffiths and all the crew who help build and maintain it. Next on the list are interior doors, front entryway upgrades, and signs and banners.

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