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The Future Options for UUCFL

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Town Hall Meetings were very successful and we received a lot of valuable feedback to help us in the process of a path to our future here at UUCFL The UUCFL Board of Trustees expresses its thanks to the Financial Task Force

(sub-group formed as a condition of the 2019-2022 Long Range Plan) for its

work during the pandemic year of 2020. We recognize the depth of research,

the consideration of many possibilities, and the thoughtful options presented in their final report. We support the findings of the Task Force. Click below to see the Board's video message to all members and friends:

Going forward, we will be offering the congregation’s members, friends, and participants meetings in which to discuss the identified Issues and each of the Options over the next several months. We encourage you to review the Long Range (Strategic) Plan along with the Financial Task Force’s Report. Board Members will participate in discussion opportunities after these services:

We have had lively discussions so far on the 4 Options proposed by the Financial Task Force Please read all documents and join us in shaping the future of UUCFL. We will have additional discussions in the fall and take a formal congregational vote on which actions to pursue. Thank you. Gary Ladka President

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