BOLD Justice House Meeting October 11 on Zoom After Service

Be part of the BOLD Justice Brainstorming House Meeting

Sunday October 11, 2020

Right after our Sunday Service on Zoom (Same Link as Service)

We will share thoughts and ideas for the coming year as to issues of justice that need attention here in Broward County. This information will be shared with the member congregations of BOLD Justice in building a strategy for these issues to be addressed.

Please contact Marie Turner for more information Bullet updates on issue committees


  1. We had a meeting with Kim Smoak, the Chief of Field Operations for AHCA

  2. We reviewed the data on generators

  3. A year ago, when we started pushing for generators 116 facilities in Broward County did not have permanent generators, some had no generators

  4. Today only 18 facilities in Broward do not have fully implemented emergency power plans

  • > 85% of bed in Broward have permanent generator status

  • None of the remaining 18 facilities have variances (none in the whole state).

  • ~1/3 of the 18 have permanent generators awaiting final approval from someone, state or local.

  • Only 5 of the 18 do not have approved emergency power plans.

  • Though 4 more have plans will very little progress made.

  • Despite being told by AHCA that many fines were handed out in Broward over the generator issue, none of the 18 were fined.

Criminal Justice

  • The state criminal justice collaborative met with the Secretary of DJJ (Department of Juvenile Justice) last week

  • We pushed her to take no reason given off the list of acceptable reasons law enforcement can give for not giving a civil citation

  • While she said she agreed with us, she did not have the power to make that happen.

  • She does think the problem will be resolved in a couple of months.

  • The collaborative is discussing possible next steps

  • We met with Sheriff Tony in May and got commitments to expand both juvenile and adult civil citations.

  • We will be having a follow up meeting with the Sheriff

Mental Health

  • When the pandemic 1st started our  homeless population was over 2,800 with over 25% of these individuals having a mental illness. There is no telling how fast this number is increasing- especially with people loosing jobs, homes and mental stability.

  • As you may recall, the mental health committee had our long awaited meeting with Commissioner Rich in May!

  • She committed to being our champion, working with us to expand supportive housing by at least 200 units, AND getting additional beds within this next budget cycle. 

  • We had a follow up meeting scheduled with her for June 11th

  • The day before the meeting we were informed Commissioner Rich would not be on the meeting and it would be with her staff and Rebecca McGuire, the Administrator of the county’s lead homeless agency instead.

  • In the meeting, McGuire stated that she did not see any increase happening in the upcoming budget cycle and would not request an increase of funds from the county. Our spokesperson talked about creative ways to get money but nothing was decided upon.

  • We are disappointed in this development, but we are reaching out to Commissioner Rich’s office to schedule another meeting

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