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The Path to The Future

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

This past summer, we introduced you to the Four Options proposed by our Financial Planning Strategic Task Force. You can find info about them here... You'll find not only the report of the task force but also the slide shows from our

four presentations as well as our current budget and stewardship history. The Rights and Responsibilities of Membership document is included to remind us all that membership in this congregation requires us to attend scrupulously to its well-being as we are doing now.

The Board of Trustees at its recent retreat set the following schedule for deliberations and decision making on these options. They reflect not only the work we will do on our future plans but also a new stewardship schedule which allows us to adopt a budget prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year.

September 5, 12, and 19 -- Stewardship testimonials during Sunday services

September 26 -- Stewardship Drive Kick-off

October 10-24 Review of Options Proposed Thru All Available Media

Nov 11 and 21 -- Town Halls 1 & 2 Dec 5 -- Annual Budget Meeting followed by Town Hall 3 Jan 2 (Optional Town Hall)

Jan 9 -- Congregational Meeting to Vote on Options

We hope that you will calendar these important dates and plan to attend, listen, and participate. The feedback of all members and stakeholders is needed as we choose our future path.

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