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Social Justice - All Teams    

The Board and I are excited about the new gathering we’re hosting in the realm of social justice/action. During my tenure here, we have had no leader for our social justice work. This doesn’t mean that we don’t do a lot of good works and have some impact in our community. We participate in Broward County’s interfaith community organizing program BOLD Justice and send food to LifeNet4Families. We provided toys for 25 children through ChildNet. We’ve had petition drives and voter registrations.
We host numerous organizations working on issues of race, immigration, climate change, and other causes.

Unfortunately, this work is usually done by a very few of us. Even though we clearly stated in our visioning work that we want to have an impact in certain areas, we lack a vehicle to make this happen. The Committee on Ministry has proposed that we develop four Social Action Teams based on the concerns that you all expressed during the visioning, as follows:

• Green Team (Environmental Impact, Climate Change, UUA Green Sanctuary Self-Study)

• Welcoming Congregation (LGBTQ Ministries, Pride, Public presence) • BOLD Justice (Community Organizing, Congregational Education on Initiatives)

• East Coast Academy Partnership (Tutoring; Weekend Backpack Snacks; School Supply Drive; Mentoring)

I strongly believe that every member of the congregation should find their place in these teams.  Teens are very welcome to participate in these teams as part of their faith development as UUs. 


Social Justice News

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