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Still Standing BOLD for Justice

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Even though the Nehemiah Action was virtual this year, our UUCFL reps to BOLD Justice (Marie Turner and Betty Brantley) want you to know that our community organizing efforts continue and are bearing fruit. We're particularly grateful to those of you who have participated in Zoom calls with officials. Your faces mattered as you virtually show up!

For several years we've worked with other community organizing groups all over the state to have civil citations used more frequently so that first time nonviolent offenders don't start life with a criminal record. In a recent phone call with Sheriff Tony, he committed to get 80% of all eligible youth and adult offenders into the civil citation program.

You will also remember that in support of our citizens suffering from mental health issue we've pressured the Sheriff's office to fully train all officers in nonviolent intervention for persons in crisis. Thus far 917 of the 1,400 officers have been trained, and your continued help is needed in keeping this matter front and center for Sheriff Tony. You might want to send him a note or email expressing your support. There was also a successful meeting with Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich who will champion our efforts for more affordable housing units for the homeless and mentally ill.

Regarding our work to see that our senior citizens are treated well, we continue to be concerned that several assisted living facilities and nursing homes still do not have generators in violation of state regulations. BOLD Justice leaders continue to insist on compliance and on unannounced inspections.

The end of year Celebration where we lift up our successes and thank those who have volunteered will be held via Zoom on July 21st. Watch your Cuurious Cuurier for updates.

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