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Membership Committee at
Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of Fort Lauderdale (UUCFL)

We need committee members and we need helpers, people who don’t want to commit to being a member but are willing to help with projects or with greeting.


Activities & Responsibilities

Among other things, members of the Membership Committee:

  • Develop our congregation’s growth and commitment to service


  • Are involved in every aspect of our visitors' journey towards membership, beginning with their first visit


  • Are involved in our members' ongoing experience in the congregation


  • Determine if the congregation is meeting our members' needs, individually as well as collectively


  • Find ways to improve on meeting member needs


  • Are responsible for marketing the congregation and its activities


  • Greet visitors before and after Sunday service


  • Create typed name tags for returning guests


  • Answer visitors' questions


  • Develop materials and hold Orientation classes for newcomers who may soon join our congregation


  • Educate the congregation about how best to treat visitors and guests


  • Maintain the bulletin boards and photo boards


  • Manage Sunday Coffee Hour, recruit volunteers to set up and clean up, remind members to bring snacks on their designated day


    Volunteer Opportunities

  • One greeter to stand outside the front doors, say hello, and guide first-time visitors to the visitor desk


  • Two greeters in the lobby to welcome visitors, help fill in the guest registry form, and make name tags


  • One greeter in the sanctuary to welcome visitors, introduce themselves, and give visitors the order of service and hymnals


  • One volunteer to stand at the front door for about 10 minutes immediately after service, say goodbye, and interact with visitors who are not staying for coffee hour


  • Volunteers for a visitors' table at the back of the sanctuary to answer questions for visitors after the service


  • Volunteers to help with coffee hour: to set up by making the coffee and putting out supplies and snacks and to clean up afterward. Instructions are printed on the fridge, and there are always two people scheduled to do this


  • Volunteers to give the bulletin boards in the hall a new look


  • Volunteers to make photo boards for the lobby showing member activities


  • Volunteers to make a photo board showing new members

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