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Pathway to Membership at
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of
Fort Lauderdale

Thinking of becoming a member of the congregation? 
We recommend attending the following classes to find out more about Unitarian Universalism and our congregation so you can make an informed decision.

Newcomer Classes Offered Soon - Stay Tuned



  • Class topics include:

    • History of the Unitarian Universalist faith

    • Belief options

    • Worship traditions

    • Seven Principles

    • Questions and answers


      • Meeting other prospective and existing members

      • Hearing religious backgrounds of and testimonials from
        existing members

      • Verifying that you are receiving weekly cUUrious cUUrier  email newsletter

      • Receiving a UUCFL Member Handbook, pledge card, 
        New Member Questionnaire & packet

      • Learning about UUCFL groups, causes, and volunteer opportunities

      • Selecting groups you want to join, causes you want to take up, and services you want to perform

      • Getting answers to your questions

      • Taking a guided tour of the building, grounds, and labyrinth

      • After the Membership, the celebration begins with Rev. Susan Smith officially introducing you to the congregation during the Sunday service and ends with a potluck lunch.

        • Sign the UUCFL membership book


        • Turn in your New Member Questionnaire and pledge card


        • Have your photograph taken for the New Members bulletin board, member directory, cUUrious cUUrier newsletter


        • Receive a certificate of membership, lanyard for your
          official name card, UUCFL directory, carnation,
          and subscription to UU World magazine


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