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Endowment - Leaving a Legacy

What a Difference a Gift Makes!

In August 2005, we received a $100,000 gift from an anonymous donor who wanted to see specific improvements made to his church. First and foremost of these was a large and well-lit sign at our entrance. This project required that we first update the zoning of our property to allow for the size sign we wanted.

During the time we held this money, we invested it in a short-term bond fund and made some interest. Other big improvements purchased were parking lot lighting, a privacy fence, sanctuary air conditioning, and a kitchen renovation:

Gift: $100,000.00
Earned Interest 9,778.41

Zoning Change 1,475.00
Ads & Tables 1,680.00
Parking Lot Lighting 5,000.00
Supplemental Hymnals 530.00
Library 200.00
Wiring to Wall Plug 50.00

Parking Lot Lights 1,000.00
Refrigerator 784.99
Fenceline Cleanup 475.00
Hurricane Yard Work 1,130.00
Dish Washer 488.00
Sign Down Payment 5,000.00
Grounds Cleanup 2,275.00
Outside Lighting 2,607.00
Sign 2nd Payment 5,461.00
Parking Lot Lights 6,547.00
Privacy Fence 5,480.00
Vacuum Cleaner 248.95
Kitchen Cabinets 3,150.00
Refrigerator 1,424.72

Kitchen Cabinets 3,528.00
Privacy Fence 8,395.00
MP Room Rug 900.00
Airconditioner 34,399.00
Restore A/C Wall 1,100.00
A/C Fire Alarm 570.00
Sign 13,074.11 2008: Sign Landscaping 1,495.00
Sign Wiring 695.00
More Sign Stuff 615.64

New Sanctuary Chairs 6000.00

We are ever so grateful for all these fine gifts that money could buy.


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